Pevonia Botanica

For radiant, healthy, youthful skin...

Pevonia Botanica is an elite spa care line chosen by prestigious spas worldwide. Offering over 150 specialized home care products and more than 100 professional in-spa treatments, Pevonia provides effective skincare solutions for women and men of every age and ethnicity.

The finest of oceans & earth...

Nature's purest holistic botanical and marine elements synergize with high-tech manufacturing to deliver outstanding visible results and an unsurpassed spa experience.

You are in expert hands...

Spa treatment efficacy and visible results are assured as highly-trained, certified skincare specialists select specific in-spa facial and body treatments customized specifically for you. To prolong your professionally attained results, an ideal home care program recommendation is provided.

An affinity with nature...

Pevonia maintains a harmonious balance with precious resources by offering fully recyclable, completely biodegradable packaging and refraining from any form of animal testing.

Discover Pevonia...reveal radiant, healthy, youthful skin!



The ravages of the aging process, aggressive external factors, free-radicals, and stress slowly strip away your skin's youthfulness. It is time to reclaim and restore your radiant vitality.

Counteract the imprint of time and reflect a youthful complexion. Age-defy with high-performance activites: un-adulterated Caviar Extract, Pearl Extract and EscutoxT for evidently smoothed wrinkles, increased suppleness, greater oxygenation and evident rejuvenation.

In-Spa Treatment Recommendation






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